Online Safety


New technologies open up many exciting benefits and opportunities for children and young people but they can also present some risks. Technology is becoming all pervasive, touching all areas of society, with children and young people having increasing access to personal technology such as web-enabled phones.

We must ensure, therefore, that a framework is in place to help children and young people stay safe when using new technology, and to ensure that where problems do occur, children and young people (and their parents and carers) have support in dealing with them effectively.

 It is through a combined school and home partnership that we can keep children safe. The following links aim to support parents and carers in understanding how to be safer online and using technology. Parents and carers may also like to view our links for children, please click here.

Internet matters website - information for parents

Think U Know website - parent pages

Childnet website - parental information

NSPCC website - keeping children safe online 

Parent Zone - information about how parents can keep children safe online and when using technology

Parents and carers might also like to download this printable information guide about safe use of the internet.  Click here to open the document. 

Our school policy on online safety can be downloaded and read online on our policy page here.

We also ask all parents/carers to read, sign and return our Safe Internet Usage agreement.  These forms can be read here.

The National College has prodcued a range of guides for parents about online safety and APPs or games that are most commonly used by children.  Use the links below to access these guides.  Additional information can also be found on their website:

10 Top Tips for parents/carers about keeping children safe online

Guide to Whatsapp

Guide to Roblox

Guide to Rocket League

Guide to Fortnite Battle Royale

Guide to Facebook

Guide to Smart TVs

Guide to Among Us

Guide to Snapchat

Guide to Instagram

Image by vectorjuice on FreepikImage by vectorjuice on FreepikImage by vectorjuice on FreepikImage by vectorjuice on Freepik

Image by vectorjuice on Freepik

 Below are links to guides on setting parental/family controls on a range of different game consoles.  Parents and carers may find these helpful when trying to ensure that their children are safe using online gaming.

xbox family - parental guide

xbox360 - parental guide

xboxone - parental guide

Apple - parental guide

Nintendo Switch - parental guide

Nintendo3DS - parental guide

Playstation - parental guide

WiiU - parental guide