Tips for parents


Parents as Partners
At Lower Wortley Primary School we recognise that when we work together with parents we can offer the best outcomes for children to ensure they reach their full potential.

During the Reception year, parents are able to access the classroom at the beginning and end of each day, to provide an opportunity for children to show their work, models etc. We encourage parents to share important information about their child with us so we can develop their interests and strengths as well as find out about any particular needs they may have.  Parents are also encouraged to be involved in their child’s learning at every opportunity through sharing books together from the library, talking about their day at school, supporting phonics sound work and handwriting at home. Parents have continuous access to their child’s Learning Journey through the online system Tapestry and we value any contributions they wish to add to these special records. We communicate with parents through regular newsletters and reminders through our communications APP called SCHOOP.  

How can you help your child at home?

Develop your child’s independence. Getting your child used to doing things by themselves is an important step in Reception. Help your child to:

  • Share belongings and toys
  • Take turns in games
  • Play and interact with other children
  • Develop table manners and become used to using knife and fork
  • Dress and undress independently
  • Put on and fasten coats
  • Put on and fasten shoes
  • Use the toilet, flushing and washing hands afterwards
  • Be responsible for own belongings
  • Tidy up after themselves in reasonable time

For more information about Reception please feel free to talk to a member of staff.

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