This Term

Below you will find information about what the classes in Year 5 and 6 are learning about this term.  You might also like to view our Homework page for ways that you can support learning at home. 

Autumn 2022


This term we will begin our Talk for Writing scheme. Our first unit will focus on a story with a moral ‘The Old Man and the Donkey’. The children will study the given text and focus on three areas; imitation, innovation and invention. Finally, the children will create their own story with a moral using what they have learnt during the unit. Following that, the children will then move on to a non-fiction unit linked to our World War Two topic. This will include learning about letter writing techniques, persuasive and formal language, and sentence openers. The unit finishes with the children writing a formal letter.

In the second half of the term, we will study a story from other culture focusing on the use of speech and its’ related grammar and punctuation. Children will produce their own story applying the genre features learnt throughout the unit. Our final unit for the Autumn term will be focussed on writing a non-fiction information text. This will include studying an information text about the Arctic and the grammar related to this, and finally the children will research and then write an information text about rainforests.


The children will be studying a range of concepts and calculations focused on number. These will include; place value, different methods for addition and subtraction, reasoning problems, methods for multiplication and division, identifying different fractions and reading and writing decimal numbers. In addition to the number focus; children will also work on their knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes, identifying angles, converting units of measure, solving data problems and presenting data.


Over the course of the first half of Autumn term our focus will be historical, learning about World War Two considering the question: ‘Why was World War II a Turning Point in British History?’ The children will be studying the reasons behind the start of the war, gain an understanding of what life was like during the war, look at some key events during the 6 year period and how the war ended. We will also visit Eden Camp, where the children will have the opportunity to step back in time and experience the sights, sounds and smells of life during the war.

After October half term, our topic will be geography-based learning about the importance of water around the world. The children will learn about the key parts of the water cycle, explore the use of waterways around the world, develop an understanding of the world’s biomes and how the amount of rainfall affects what lives and grows.


We will begin this term with learning about Electricity. Children will use the components within a circuit to make light, draw circuits using the correct symbols and conduct an investigation. Our second unit is Living things and their Habitats. The children will describe how living things are classified into groups based on similarities and differences, including micro-organisms, plants and animals.




During the Autumn term, the children will spend one of their PE lessons focused on the invasion game rugby; practising passing, throwing, team skills and game tactics. The other PE lesson will be a Real PE unit which will focus on exploring different balances as well as playing handball and volleyball.

During the second half of the term, one of the lessons will be a Real PE unit giving the children opportunities to develop their teamwork and moving balance skills. The children will also participate in dance themed PE lessons, which will work on coordination, creativity and choreography. Some Year 5 children will also go swimming on a Friday afternoon throughout the term.


In R.E, we will spend the first half of the Autumn term exploring the question ‘Why are some places and journeys special?’ The children will consider what makes a place special, different special places from different faiths and learn about special journeys such as Makkah. After half term, our RE focus will be on forgiveness.


In the first half of the term we will use the Charanga program by studying the unit “Livin on a Prayer” as well as learning some World War Two songs linked to out topic. The second half term will see the children make music during our bucket drumming unit


Our focus for the first half of the term is “Le Guerre.” This unit is linked to our World War Two topic with the children learning a variety of new vocabulary linked to this. During the second half of the term children will learn vocabulary related to school in our topic “Mon ecole.”


In the first half of the Autumn term, the children will be learning all about the artist L.S.Lowry. We will find out about his life, study his artistic style and finally create pieces of art in the style of Lowry. In the second half of the Autumn term, we will focus on design technology skills working in groups to research, design and create moving vehicles.

Life Curriculum

This term we will focus on new beginnings as we start the new year, discussing key aspects of rules and expectations, and exploring what friendship is and how we can make new friends or cope with falling out.

In the second half of the Autumn term, the focus will be on health and wellbeing, specifically looking at the effects of drugs and alcohol (including smoking).


During the first half of the Autumn term, the children will use the laptops to focus on developing their skills using Word and learn about SMART and online safety. Following this, the children will complete a coding unit using Espresso.