Below is a list of the staff who are permanent members of our staff team.  Occasionally we may have other, temporary staff working within school but as far as possible we use staff that the children are familiar with.

Senior Leadership Team


Mrs Geldard - Headteacher


  Mrs Collier - Deputy Headteacher   

Mrs H Smith - SENDCo and Inclusion Lead

Office Staff

Mrs Harte - Business Manager 

Mrs Brady - Administrative Assisstant

Teaching Staff

Miss Anderson

Miss Brazel

Mr Collier 


Mr Cowley


Mrs Evans

Mrs Fairhall

Mrs Hodgson

Mrs Hutchings

Miss Luney

Mrs McDowall

Mrs Power

Mrs Stanton


Mrs Rooney

Mrs Smith

Mrs Wilson


Learning Mentor

Mrs Burn

Higher Level Teaching Assistant


Mrs Robinson

Nursery Officers

Miss Croft

Miss Gibbon

Miss Sharpe

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Armitage

Mrs Barker

Mrs Baum

Mrs Blueman

Miss Culliney

Miss Hullah

Miss Keating

Mrs Laverty

Miss Murray

Miss Quin

Mrs Watson


Designated Child Protection Officers

Mrs Geldard, Mrs Collier and Mrs Smith are the staff with designated responsibility for child protection.  Please speak to one of them if you have any concerns about a child's safety or well being.

Mrs Geldard - Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Collier

Mrs Smith