This Term

Below you will find information about what the classes in Year 3 and 4 are learning about this term.  You might also like to view our Homework page for ways that you can support learning at home.

Summer 2024


This term we will continue our Talk for Writing scheme. Our first focus will be on non-fiction recounts. The children will be writing a recount based on our trip to Murton park at the end of the Spring term. This will be followed by an exciting story called The Impossibly Possible Book Shop where the children will be able to use their imaginations to create an imaginary world through a door. We will then return to a non-fiction text where the children will be able to use their learning from topic to write an explanation text about How the Stone Age people used fire. We will then finish our English units in Summer 2 with a story with a moral.


The children will be studying a range of concepts and calculations focused on number. These will include; place value, different methods for addition and subtraction, word problems, methods for multiplication and division, number puzzles, doubling and halving, decimals and fractions. In addition to the number focus; children will also work on 2D and 3D shapes, handling data, measure activities and presenting data.


Over the course of the Summer term we will study a Geography based unit and a History based unit. Our Geography topic is called ‘Where do we live?’ and will involve the children going out into the local area to compare the human and physical features of Lower Wortley. We will also look at old pictures of buildings and comparing them to what they look like now. Our last topic of the year will be based on the Stone Age. The children will learn about the 3 periods of the Stone Age era, decide if they could have survived in the Stone Age and re-create the images that were found painted inside of caves.

For more detailed information about Topic learning for this term please see the Topic work page here.


Our Summer topic for Science is Plants. The children will explore what a plant needs to survive, the parts of a plant and what they do and the process of germination. The children will plant their own seeds and will take part in observational experiments when placing plants in different environments.


Our first unit focuses on email and internet safety. The children will learn how to use the functions within the email program as well as safety with online communications. Our final unit for the year is Basic skills focusing on all aspects of Computing, but especially developing keyboard skills and accessing the internet for independent research.


We continue to work on our core scheme of Real P.E. focusing on teaching integral skills to support children’s development. In summer 1 we will be working on our striking and fielding unit where the children will learn the skills needed to field, throw, catch and strike ending with a game of three in a bucket. In addition, there will also be a focus on Athletics in preparation for Sports Day. The children in Year 4 will continue with their swimming lessons until the end of the summer term.



In Summer 1, the children will be focussing on a sculpture unit. They will be using different materials including wool and construction paper to explore and create different structures and techniques. The children will be able to be creative and imaginative with the design s they choose.

Life Curriculum

During this term we are completing our SRE unit. We look at the different stages of human development and the correct terminology for parts of our bodies. In the second half term we will be looking at me and my world. This will focus on respecting the environment, respecting equality, understanding rights and responsibilities as citizens and the local community.


For all of the summer term, the children will be learning how to play the recorder. The Year 3 children will be learning how to hold the recorder and the beginnings of playing individual notes. The Year 4 children will be applying those notes to tunes with increasing difficulty.


Our focus for the first half of the term is Ca Pousse. This will cover how things grow and link to our Science topic. During the second half of the term, we will study a unit about pocket money called L’argent do poche.


In R.E. we continue to study comparative religions and beliefs focusing on everyday life and how different religious beliefs impact on it. We begin with a unit which focuses on the Five Pillars of Islam and then move on to a unit based on inspirational people throughout the second half term.