Upper Key Stage 2

Upper Key Stage 2 are the children who are in Years 5 and 6.  The children in Upper Key Stage 2 are organised into three classes. Each class is made up of a mix of children from Years 5 and 6. Other factors are also considered when placing children into their Year 5 and 6 classes, such as the number of girls and boys or particular learning needs. Children within each class work at a level appropriate for their learning needs and all teachers differentiate lessons to ensure both support and challenge for those children who need it.

Children in the Year 5 and 6 classes are organised into sets for Maths and some children may have their Maths lessons with one of the other Year 5/6 teachers rather than their class teacher. This organisation enables lessons to be matched closely to the children's individual needs.

When children complete Year 5 they move into Year 6. They usually move class to be with a different class teacher.

Children move onto Secondary School at the end of Year 6 and the staff in Upper Key Stage 2 work closely with the local Secondary Schools to help the children make an effective transition to their next phase of learning.


Y5/6  Mrs Smith


Y5/6  Mrs Evans and Mrs Power


                        Y5/6  Mrs Rooney

Mr Collier works alongside the Year 5 and 6 staff at different time during the school year to teach intervention groups

Miss Brazel and Mrs Morrish also work alongside the Year 5 and 6 staff teaching whole classes for PPA cover.  

Mrs Rooney is the Year 5/6 phase leader.

In addition there are learning support assistants who work between the three classes. This year the learning support assistants working in Year 5 and 6 are:

Mrs Baum       Mrs Burn       Miss Keating


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