Learning in Years 3 and 4


In our Lower Key Stage Two classes the children build on their practical learning experiences from Key Stage 1 and work in a formal way that is enhanced by engaging, individual, paired and group activities. We teach English and Maths sessions daily.  In addition the children have regular sessions of guided reading, individual reading and listening to their teacher read aloud from their class book.  Those children who still need additional work on their phonics skills for spelling and reading have regular phonics teaching.  


The children have Science, PE, Computing, RE, PSHE, Music and French lessons. In addition, the other curriculum subjects are taught through an integrated, topic based approach so that links are made between subjects and areas of learning.  This ensures that the children have the opportunity to be engaged in meaningful and sustained learning.  

Topic work is taught through a question led approach.  Children are presented with a question each week that provides the learning challenges for the children to engage with during that week.

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