This term

Below you will find information about what the Reception classes are learning about this term.  Please also read our topic page to find out more about our Topic Work.

Autumn 2022 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be giving the children lots of support to settle into their new classroom and learn the rules, routines and behaviour expectations. With the use of our ‘Achievosaurs’ we will be encouraging the children to notice what makes a good learner such as risk taking, problem solving and never giving up! The children will also learn about what makes a ‘Super Citizen’ and how to be a good friend to others. This will promote our school curriculum drivers of citizenship, ambition and resilience.

Communication and Language

In key group time, the children will be given opportunities to develop their listening and communication skills in a small group. They will take part in listening games and be encouraged to listen and respond to questions and ideas from others. Throughout independent play, appropriate language will be modelled to the children supporting them to learn new vocabulary and how to communicate effectively.

Physical Development

Our outdoor learning area provides a variety of opportunities for the children to develop basic gross motor skills such as travelling in a variety of ways, navigating their way around obstacles and balancing on equipment. The development of these skills will continue to be supported through weekly P.E sessions where the children will also learn to participate in simple games. This half term we will also encourage the children to develop their fine motor skills using a range of activities; this will support the children’s ability to hold a pencil accurately and use it to form letters. In key group time, the children will have the opportunity to participate in ‘doodle time’ and ‘dough disco’, allowing them to continue to develop their fine motor control. We will also continue to support the children’s understanding of basic hygiene by modelling how to wash hands effectively and discussing why this is important to do frequently.


Through ‘Talk for Writing’ in key group time, we will learn the nursery rhyme ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ and following that, the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man”. We will learn how to follow the rhyme and story by reading a story map and using actions and words to retell them. The children will be encouraged to draw their own story maps to represent the story and may attempt to write simple words using sounds they have learnt. They will also have the opportunity to act out the story using props or sequence the story using pictures. We will introduce daily phonics sessions where the children will learn level 2 single sounds and how to blend them together to read and write simple words. We will provide the children with a range of ways to make marks, write and read with a purpose in their play by enhancing areas according to their interests. During the first term, the children will begin to bring a reading book home. These may have words or simple sentences to read, or these may have pictures for the children to narrate the story themselves. We will also provide opportunities for children to secure their knowledge of phase 1 phonics by playing a variety of listening games.



To begin with, the children will have the opportunity to secure their knowledge of early mathematical vocabulary by sorting, matching and comparing groups of objects. Following this, we will begin to introduce numbers 1-5 by following the ‘White Rose Maths’ scheme of learning. This will support the development of many number skills and aims to provide a deeper level of understanding of numbers. The children will be provided with opportunities to link their knowledge of numbers to wider contexts including stories, rhymes and number games. The children will have many opportunities to explore measure through their play and will begin to learn new mathematical concepts such as height by measuring their own bodies and length by ordering different objects. We will learn names of 2D shapes and create our own patterns and arrangements with them. 

Understanding the World

This term we will begin by focussing on learning about ourselves and the people around us. We will talk about who we are, what we like and dislike and how this may be similar or different to others in our class. We will be sharing experiences of our own families and lifestyles, discussing how things may have changed from the past to the present. Within this, we will be inviting our grandparents into our class to share their experiences with us. After half term, we will discuss and participate in celebrations such as Halloween, Bonfire night and Christmas! We will discuss different places people go to worship and celebrate religious festivals.  

Expressive Arts and Design

There are many areas in the classroom that support the children’s creative development through independent play. The children will have the opportunity to explore a range of different media and materials to create pictures, collages, or models. We will also learn how to use tools safely and how we can use them to change and adapt our creations. We will sing songs outside daily and have musical instruments within the classroom for the children to explore independently.