Key Stage 1

The children in Key Stage 1 are organised into three classes.  One class of Year 1 children, one class of mixed Year 1 and Year 2 children and one class of Year 2 children.  This organisation allows the teaching staff to ensure an effective learning transition from Foundation Stage for the children in Year 1.  The classes are based on the age of the children.  The youngest children are in the Year 1 class and the eldest children in the Year 2 class.  Other factors are also considered when placing children into their Key Stage 1 classes, such as the number of girls and boys or particular learning needs.  Children within each class work at a level appropriate to their learning needs and all teachers differentiate lessons to ensure both support and challenge for those children who need it.


Year 1 Mrs Stanton

Mrs Stanton's class is the younger children from Year 1.


Year 1/2 Mrs Hutchings

Mrs Hutching's class is a mix of children from Year 1 and Year 2.

This class is the older children from Year 1 and the younger children from Year 2


Year 2 Mrs McDowall

Mrs McDowall's class is the older children from Year 2.

Mrs Collier, the Deputy Head Teacher, also works alongside the Key Stage 1 staff teaching intervention groups.   

The higher level teaching assistant, Mrs Robinson, also works in Key Stage 1 teaching classes during PPA time.

Mrs Hutchings is the Year 1 and 2 Phase leader.  

In addition to the teaching staff, there are several learning support assistants who work between the three classes.  This year the learning support assistants working in Key Stage 1 are:


Mrs Blueman    Miss Culliney    Mrs Laverty    Miss Hullah   Mrs Tomlinson   Mrs Armitage    Mr  Audus   Mrs Howarth     Miss Watson


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