The governing body has a range of duties and powers and a general responsibility for the conduct of the school. Its role is to promote high standards of educational achievement including setting targets for pupil achievement, managing the school's finances, making sure the curriculum is balanced and broadly based, appointing staff and reviewing staff performance and pay and many more.

The governors are appointed for a 4 year period, with the chair and vice-chair being elected annually. The Governing Body comprises of a Local Education Authority appointed governor, parent governors who are elected by the parents, a staff representative elected by the school staff and co-opted governors who are chosen by the Governing Body.

Much of the work of the governing body is carried out in committees, smaller groups of governors that are designated to specific roles.

Below is a list of our current governors and any current vacancies on the Governing Body.  The members of the different governing body committees are also listed below, along with a brief outline of what each committee works on.  

The Chair of the Governors is Mrs. A. Ferguson and she can be contacted via the school. Mrs H. Rymer is the named governor for Child Protection and Mr N. Walton is the names governor for SEND.


(any specific responsibilities)
Term of office        
Appointed by
 Chair of Governors   Mrs Alison Ferguson

20/11/18 - 19/11/22    

Governing body
 Vice Chair of Governors  Mr Matthew Rix  18/12/18 - 18/12/22 Parents
 Headteacher  Mrs Jayne Geldard 01/09/19 - 31/08/22 In office as Headteacher
 LEA Representative  vacancy


 Staff Representative

 Mrs Rebecca Collier

02/11/19 - 01/11/22

School staff
 Parent Representatives  Mr Matthew Rix  (as above)  
   Mrs Heather Rymer 18/07/18 - 17/07/22 Governing body

 Mr Nick Walton

(Health & Safety, Media, SEN)

24/04/2020 - 24/11/24 Parents

 Mrs Carrie Alexander

 31/03/2020 - 31/03/2024

 Co-Opted Representatives  Mrs S Burn (CLA, PP, Inclusion) 19/11/18 - 18/11/22 Governing body

 Mrs Alison Ferguson (chair)

 (as above)


 Mrs Janet Wilford

(Equality and Race)

19/11/18 - 18/11/22 Governing body
   Ms Ester Montana  31/03/2020 - 31/03/2024 Governing body


Governors Sub Committees

               Resources Committees

           Finance                                                         Personnel

           Mrs A Ferguson                                              Mrs A Ferguson (chair)

           Mr M Rix                                                         Mrs J Wilford

           Mrs J Geldard                                                Mrs J Geldard

           Mrs R Collier                                                  Mr M Rix

The main purpose of the Personnel committee is to ensure that the performance management process for staff is being correctly implemented and any pay decisions made are in line with policy. 

The Finance committee is responsible for ensuring that the school spending remains within budget and that all funds are spent wisely to best meet the needs of the pupils.


Learning and Teaching and Pupil Support Committee

             Mrs A Ferguson            Mr N Walton

             Mrs J Geldard               Mrs S Burn

             Mrs J Wilford                Mrs C Alexander

             Mrs H Rymer               

             Ms E Montana

The main purpose of this committee is to discuss and monitor all aspects of the school’s work around pupil attainment and progress, including all aspects of pastoral work which includes areas such as attendance, behaviour, safeguarding, SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural provision) and health.


Declared business interests, financial interests, relationships and governance roles in other schools.   

Governance Role:  Mrs J Geldard is a Governor at Knowleswood Primary School

Relationship:  Mrs R Collier is related to Mr A Collier (teacher at Lower Wortley Primary School).


Due to disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic there is not attendance records for the years 18/19 or 19/20.

Please click here to view details of governor's attendance at Governing body meetings for 2020/21.