Learning in Reception


Being a one and a half form entry school, we have 2 Reception classes (45 children) within one classroom. There are 2 teachers (Mrs Wilson and Miss Luney), a Nursery Nurse (Miss Croft) and two classroom support assistant (Mrs Barker and Mrs Eastwood). We also have an additional Nursery Nurse working in Reception. in the morning Miss Gibbon and in the afternoon Miss Sharpe.

After the children have settled into the new school term and we have carried out our baseline assessments, the children will focus on Literacy and Maths during the morning sessions. These may be in small groups or working individually and the children complete tasks independently, or with support from staff or peers. Groups also have access to outside provision where the focus of Literacy and Maths is extended.

Within the afternoon sessions there are focus tasks for the children to extend their learning and many creative activities as well as continued access to the outside areas.

We also have P.E. lessons both inside and outside as well as learning in the Computer suite.

We have a very exciting classroom which promotes learning through enquiry and a  variety of resources and activities available for the children to access.There are many areas of provision, including a role play, workshop, small world, construction, sand, water, malleable area, paint, maths, science, reading, mark making. Areas of provision are changed regularly and are planned relating to the interests of the children in the classes. 



We work closely with Leeds Trinity University and Leeds City College and often have students working in the Reception classroom.

Once every term we take part in 'Discovery Weeks' along with the rest of the school. During these weeks we have a particular focus, for example science or art or to coincide with special events such as World Book Day. This is an opportunity for the children to discover and learn new skills.

To find out more about what the focused learning and activities will be this term see our This Term page.  You might also like to read our Useful Links and Early Years curriculum pages.