Parents' Evenings


We are a self-evaluating school and regularly consult with children, parents and other stakeholders to improve our practice. Questionnaires are sent to parents where their comments are invited, evaluated and considered.

There are three Parents' Evenings every year. Two of these are formal evenings where parents have an opportunity to discuss their child's progress with the class teacher. The informal parents' evening enables children to accompany their parents to show them their work and to speak to the teaching staff if they wish. 

 For the year 2018/19 the dates for Parents' Evenings are:

Formal Parents' Evening Autumn Term:

Wednesday 24th October 2018   3.15pm - 7.00pm

Thursday 25th October 2018   3.15pm - 5.00pm

Formal Parents' Evening Spring Term:

Tuesday 5th March 2019     3.15pm - 7.00pm

Wednesday 6th March 2019    3.15pm - 5.00pm

Informal Parents' Evening Summer Term:

 Wednesday 17th July 2019   3.15pm - 5.00pm


For the two formal Parents' Evenings your child will be given a letter for you to complete with your preferences regarding an appointment time.  Your child's class teacher will allocate you an appointment taking into account your preference and whether your child has any other siblings attending school.  Class teachers will always try to accommodate time preferences, where possible.  For the informal parents' evening parents are welcome to come into their child's classroom to look at their child's work, no appointment is necessary.

At Parents' Evening the school may also offer parents additional opportunities to find out more about our school for example viewing photo slideshows about class and school events and sampling school meals.

In addition to these parents' evenings, a written report will be sent to parents towards the end of the Summer Term.   This will include information about children's attainment, the topics they have covered during the year as well as their own report on how they feel they have worked during the year.  Parents are encouraged to respond to their child's written report using the slips included with the report.

Parents are also invited to attend concerts at festival times, special events and for our performance assemblies.