MindMate Leeds is the name for all the different ways children and young people in the city can get support with their mental health and wellbeing.

What is the MindMate website?

The MindMate website is an information hub for Leeds, and includes:

  • free and accredited services available in the city
  • advice and information on a range of mental health issues
  • stories and experiences of young people and their mental health.
  • guidance for self-care and where necessary, self-referral

While MindMate is focused on the needs of young people, it’s also a valuable resource for professionals, as well as parents and carers. In fact, the service was co-designed by young people, professionals and carers, and they still have a say in every aspect of MindMate.

You can access the Mindmate website by clicking here.

What are Mindmate in School Practitioners?

Mindmate in school practitioners are a new service being offered to schools as a way to provide support to children and the staff who work with them.  This is not yet a city wide service so we are lucky to be benefitting from this in our school.

Mindmate practitioners work with school staff to offer advice, support and resources to help children who are experiencing a range of mental health issues.  Practitioners meet with the school SENDCo, Mrs H Smith, to discuss specific support they can offer for children either through 1:1 work, small group sessions, whole class lessons or by signposting to resources that can by used by school staff.  If you have concerns about your child's mental health, you can discuss this with Mrs Smith who will be able to offer advice whether a Mindmate assessment or consultation is the right supoort for your child.  Mrs Smith can be contacted via telephone using the number at the bottom of this page or via email at sendco@lwps.org.uk.


What are Mindmate Ambassadors?

The School MindMate Ambassador programme aims to encourage and empower pupils to take a proactive role in improving social, emotional and mental health within their schools. School MindMate Ambassadors will become role models and advocates who champion positive attitudes and behaviours and will lead by example and help to improve the social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing of the whole school. 

In our school we have six Mindmate Ambassadors from KS2 classes who work with Mrs Collier, our school Senior Mental Health Lead, to idenitfy and address barriers to good mental health for children in school.  They hold regular meetings with Mrs Collier to discuss issues, action plan and feedback.  In addition to this they run events in school such as the Mindfulness lunchtime club and  'Cheer Up Stations' on the school playground.