Topic Work

In Lower Key Stage 2 the National Curriculum subjects are taught through a cross-curricular approach. Each term learning focuses on a particular theme.  We have a question based format where children are presented with a question each week and learning opportunities are planned that help the children to answer the question.

In Lower Key Stage 2 Topic lessons take place two times each week and are taught in mixed ability classes with their class teacher.  Learning is differentiated to match the children's knowledge, skills and progress.  In addition links are made with other lessons such as English, Maths, PE and computing  to ensure that children are fully engaged with the Topic.

Below are details about the Topic and the key questions  that the children will be learning over the next term.   

Summer Term - First Half Term

What makes the Earth Angry?

Week 1 - What is a mountain?

Using an atlas, identifying the key features of a mountain.

Week 2 - What makes a mountain?

Understanding how the tectonic plates move and how that has made the different types of mountains around the world.

Week 3 - What time is it?

Understanding where the Equator, hemispheres, tropics and poles are. Finding the different times around the world using the Greenwich Mean Time.

Week 4 - Where were the biggest bangs?

Label the cross section of a volcano and learn about what happened when Mount Vesuvius erupted.

Week 5 - Where are the world’s most dangerous volcanoes?

Use an atlas to identify the ‘Ring of Fire’ and where some of the world’s most dangerous volcanoes are.

Week 6 - Why does the Earth shake?

Learn more about tectonic plate movements and the effect they have when they cause an earthquake.

Summer Term - Second Half Term

Who Killed the Queen's Husband?

Week 1 - How did the Tudors begin?

Learn about the War of the Roses and the first Tudor King.

Week 2- Who was ‘top dog’ in Tudor times?

Learn about Henry VIII and Elizabeth I and look at the family tree.

Week 3- What is Temple Newsam?

Identify where Temple Newsam is and gain an understanding of the history of the building.

Week 4 - Who lived in a house like this?

Create a timeline of who lived or owned Temple Newsam throughout history and how it relates to the Tudors.

Week 5 - Why was the Queen so angry?

Learn more about the life of Elizabeth I and her relationship with Mary, Queen of Scots.

Week 6 - Who murdered Lord Darnley?

Understand what happened to Lord Darnley and take part in a trial of suspects.

Week 7 – Could you have survived in Tudor times?

Makes comparisons to what life was like in Tudor England and what life is like now.