Topic Work

In Lower Key Stage 2 the National Curriculum subjects are taught through a cross-curricular approach. Each term learning focuses on a particular theme.  We have a question based format where children are presented with a question each week and learning opportunities are planned that help the children to answer the question.

In Lower Key Stage 2 Topic lessons take place two times each week and are taught in mixed ability classes with their class teacher.  Learning is differentiated to match the children's knowledge, skills and progress.  In addition links are made with other lessons such as English, Maths, PE and computing  to ensure that children are fully engaged with the Topic.

Below are details about the Topic and the key questions  that the children will be learning over the next term.   

Autumn Term - First Half Term

What is it like in another country?

Week 1 - Where is Italy?

Locate using maps, identify continents and surrounding countries/ continents.

Week 2 - Why is Italy famous?

Famous landmarks- Comparisons to the UK: Rome

Week 3 -  Where would you rather be? UK or Italy?

Explore human and physical features, landmarks, population, ruler/ leader, capital city.  Create comparisons between the two.

Week 4 - Is the Tower of Pisa tired?

Human and physical features.  Comparing the UK to the wider world.

Week 5 - How do you use an atlas?

Identify features of an atlas (Key, types of land, mountains, contour lines).  Compare UK and Italy.  Use compass to locate the two countries.  Identify and compare land use- rivers/ settlements

Different types of land use - Recreational - fun, non-essentials like parks/ Transport - roads, railways, and airports/ Agricultural – farmland/ Residential – housing/ Commercial - businesses

Week 6 - Where would I prefer to spend my holiday?

Climate - compare to the UK.


Autumn Term - Second Half Term

What foods are eaten in Italy?

Week 1  - What will we find in an Italian restaurant?

Look at menus.   Plan and design own menu

Week 2 - What will your starter be?

Chop vegetables and prepare ingredients to make a pasta salad

Week 3 - It’s pizza time!

Make a pizza sauce and add toppings of their choice and prepping and chopping the vegetables

Week 4 - What’s for pudding?

Weigh, measure and mix ingredients to make lemon cakes.

Week 5 - What is grown in Italy?

Make comparisons between the climate in the UK and Italy.  Research which foods can be grown in Italy.

Week 6 – What is Christmas like in Italy?

Compare the foods eaten at Christmas in Italy to those eaten in the UK