This term

Below you will find information about what the Reception classes are learning about this term.  You might also like to view our Reception Events page to see photos of what the children have been learning in school.

Please also read our topic page to find out more about our Topic Work.

Communication and Language

The children will be given more opportunities to use ‘talk partners’ to share ideas and discuss these in front of a larger group. We will also encourage the children to extend their vocabulary by learning new and exciting words to describe animals and places. In addition to this, we will be asking lots of ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions to prompt the children to talk in full sentences and link their ideas together.


This term in literacy the children will continue to develop their knowledge of phonics by learning new sounds which include digraphs such as sh, ch, th, oo, ee ai. They will be encouraged to use their phonic knowledge to make words and attempt to write simple sentences using finger spaces and full stops. We will be learning the stories We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and Brown Bear, Brown Bear through Talk for Writing. In addition to this, we will be exploring how to write a fact file for an animal, thinking of new interesting words to describe them. In the classroom provision, the children will have opportunities to practise their reading and writing skills through a range of purposeful activities that link to our stories such as a bear cave role play, writing shopping lists, sequencing story pictures and use ‘talking telephones’ to retell the stories to a friend.



In Maths this term the children will begin to explore teen numbers and how to write them, order them and make them with Numicon. We will encourage the children to become confident with the terms ‘more than’ and ‘less than’ and then move on to solve simple addition and subtraction problems using quantities. The children will have a variety of different ways to explore and consolidate these concepts independently throughout the Reception environment. We will also continue our learning of 2D and 3D shapes by being able to talk about their characteristics. We will begin to explore the language of time through playing games such as ‘What’s the time Mr Bear?’ and asking the children to identify the day of the week.

Physical Development

In P.E this term we focus on ‘Real P.E’ units that develop balance and co-ordination skills. We will also continue to have our Friday morning movement session during which we will do yoga, dance or exploring using our movement play resources. The children are all encouraged to zip up their own coats and get themselves changed for P.E.

Personal and Social Development

The children have really grown in independence during their first term in Reception and are all enjoying learning in a new environment. This term we will teach the children to have more of an understanding of how they learn and what makes a good learner by using ‘Achievosaurs’.  We have also introduced an ‘Emoji’ emotional register, where the children will be encouraged to reflect on their own feelings and communicate this with their teachers.


Expressive Art and Design

The children have opportunities to show their creativity in all areas of the classroom. We will continue to provide purposeful challenges and activities for the children to develop their skills independently such as, making a home for a dinosaur, making a dinosaur skeleton and designing and constructing their own robot. The children will be encouraged to use a variety of different resources for a purpose and use tools effectively to adapt and change their work. The music area in the classroom offers the children a chance to express their creativity through singing and playing instruments. This half term we will explore the sounds of a Xylophone and see if we can follow a musical pattern whilst playing it.


Understanding of the World

The children will continue to develop their understanding of computers by logging themselves on to the computer and accessing the program ‘Espresso’ where they will engage in games that are related to the learning each week. Through our dinosaur themed weeks we will provide the children with opportunities to learn and talk about animal facts and how things may change over time. We will also learn about celebrations such as Chinese New Year and Easter.