Topic Work


In Lower Key Stage 2 the National Curriculum subjects are taught through a cross-curricular approach. Each term learning focuses on a particular theme.  We have a question based format where children are presented with a question each week and learning opportunities are planned that help the children to answer the question.

In Lower Key Stage 2 Topic lessons take place two times each week and are taught in mixed ability classes with their class teacher.  Learning is differentiated to match the children's knowledge, skills and progress.  In addition links are made with other lessons such as English, Maths, PE and computing  to ensure that children are fully engaged with the Topic.

The below are details about the Topic and the key questions  that the children will be learning over the next term.   


Spring 1 – What causes the Earth to get Angry?

Lessons 1 & 2   How do we know when the Earth is Angry?

Pre-topic assessment – mixed ability talk teams. Discuss volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes.

Children work in mixed ability groups to create collage of a volcano.

Lesson 3   What makes a volcano angry?

Begin to explain in simple terms what causes a volcano to erupt. Notes and booklet + diagrams + captions.

Lesson 4    Where were the biggest bangs!?

Vesuvius-fact file-where it happened, what was the damage, how do we know so much about it, when did it last erupt? Creative writing about watching a volcano erupt.

Lesson 5    What is the Ring of Fire?

 Map and draw on labelling of Ring of Fire, BA-computers + page of volcanoes A/AA Create Volcano glossary pamphlet/fact file.

Lesson 6    What have you learnt?

Volcano quiz – created in talk teams.

Make your own volcano and watch it erupt!


Spring 2 – How does Electricity help things work?

Lesson 1    How do I make the bulb light up?

Look at equipment, make a circuit and record.

Lesson 2     Why do we need switches?

Why objects have switches. How switches work. Create own switch and add it to the circuit. Understand that a break in a circuit causes circuit to fail.

Lesson 3    How could I use an electric circuit in my model?

Draw designs in pairs, decide on the design that they will choose, workout how the circuit fits into the design.

Lesson 4     What do I need to build my model?

Make a list of equipment and complete design planners, make circuit for the model

Lessons 5 & 6     What will my model look like?

Paired model making.

Lesson 7      How can I improve my design?

Evaluation and design forum.