PE and Sport Premium Funding

Please read the document at the bottom of this page which summarises spending and impact of the sport premium.

PE, sport and physical activity play a very important part in the life of Lower Wortley Primary School and at least two sessions per week are dedicated to PE in the curriculum with many other lessons incorporating physical activity. We believe that physical education, sport and an awareness of healthy lifestyles contribute to the holistic development of young people and through participation in sport and physical education, young people learn more about key values such as teamwork, fair play and respect for themselves and others. We have targeted physical activity at break times as a priority and the impact of this is evident when observing playtime activities.

There is significant evidence to show the positive effects of sport and exercise on children’s physical health, growth and development. Furthermore, sport also provides a healthy environment for young people to learn how to deal with competition and how to cope with both winning and losing.

In April 2013, the Government announced new funding (Sport Premium) for physical education (PE), sport and physical activity to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provisional School, for three years. Since the funding began we have used the Sport Premium to improve the quality of PE and Sport provision in the following ways:

  • providing cover staff to release teachers for professional development in PE and sport
  • procuring quality-assured professional training for staff to raise their confidence and competence in teaching PE, sport and physical activity
  • employing a regular dance coach to work within school and help develop the confidence of staff to teach in this area
  • purchasing extra resources to complement the approved scheme of work which improved the range and progressions of skills taught within PE lessons throughout school
  • increasing pupils’ participation in school games competitions and providing cover staff to release teachers to attend school games
  • raising the profile of girls sport
  • buying into the West Leeds Sports Partnership (previously Active Schools) to develop city wide initiatives in Leeds
  • becoming a partner school for the Leeds Rhinos and working with the Leeds Rugby Foundation
  • using the funding to support regular sport tournaments, festivals and competitions for pupils of all ages
  • establishing, sustainable partnerships with local community sports clubs
  • subsidising transport and buying new school team kits to ensure all children are able to access sporting activities
  • purchasing new equipment to ensure every child in each class has access to the necessary equipment during PE lessons, including those with SEND
  • purchasing PE specific iPads to enable the recording of evidence during PE lessons
  • purchasing a computer for the hall to utilise during PE lessons
  • purchasing playground equipment such as a climbing wall, balls, skipping ropes and hoops
  • purchasing equipment for the Foundation Stage to use to improve children's physical activity and support essential, early physical development
  • purchasing an outdoor music system for use at playtimes
  • sending foundation stage staff on training about movement play and then resourcing this area within school 
  • accessing a cluster offer through Leeds Rhinos Foundation offering staff support and CPD in schools as well as organised competitions
  • improving the KS2 playground and providing more opportunities for physical activity at break times
  • raising the profile of physical activity in other lessons in the classroom

Since the funding was introduced the following impacts have been identified:

  • A wider range of extra curricular opportunities are being offered to children including some from third parties (all children in school will be offered at least 2 extra curricular sports clubs this year with many year groups having more)
  • Intra-school sports competitions are now being organised for children throughout school
  • Children are playing a leading role in improving physical activity for their peers
  • Far more children are participating in clubs and competition - over 85% in 2018-19
  • The profile of PE and sport has been raised and will continue to be with the implementation of a new PE and Sport displays
  • More children are taking an active role in PE lessons - the real PE scheme allows every child to experience success including those with SEND
  • Fundamental skills are being taught lower down the school and the benefits of this are evident as children progress
  • Staff have developed confidence to teach more creative PE lessons and be more ambitious in their delivery
  • The range of both structured and unstructured activities taking place at playtimes and lunchtimes is excellent and has shown a huge increase in the participation of children in physical activity
  • Movement play in early years in providing children with more opportunities to develop their core physical skills
  • More girls and younger children are accessing extra-curricular clubs 
  • Staff are making a determined effort to include more physical activity in their every day teaching.


Please read the document in the link below which summarises spending and impact of the sport premium.

Sports Premium Reporting 21_22