Eco events



The children enjoyed performing songs with an Eco message in our Eco assemblies.

Eco Fayre
On Thursday 3rd April there was an Eco Fayre at school and parents were invited to attend the fayre with their children. There were many interesting things to do at the fayre. The Eco-Club did a brilliant job on the stalls which were varied and created lots of interest. The Beehive Fair Trade shop, Morrisons, Eco Kids, Meanwood Urban Valley Farm and Leeds DEC all attended the fayre and were very impressed with the children who were hosting the stands.

Chris Tate and Mrs Lilley provided samples of fruits and breads and talked about how they are working towards sourcing more food locally for school meals. Pinnacle (the company who runs the facilities management at school) could tell the visitors about the eco features of the school building. PCSO Terry brought the police van and promoted walking to school which incorporated the Green Cross Code.The composting monitors provided information about composting and the wormery, and there was information about the school allotment and what will be growing this year. Eggs and plants were for sale from Meanwood Valley Urban farm and we also were lucky enough to have some new born chicks from the farm too. Some children explained that they had been making bird feeders at eco club and gave advice on attracting minibeasts into our gardens. Mrs Reid and Mrs Armitage baked some fair trade goodies which quickly sold out.

Thank you to everyone who took part in making it a very successful event.



ZOOLAB visit
On Friday 28th March the ECO CLUB took part in an 'ECO INVESTIGATORS' workshop. This involved looking at and handling a range of creatures from cockroaches to snakes and learning about how changes in the environment affect them.The children absolutely loved the workshop although they were a little unsure to start with!


Here are some of the things the Eco-Club said about the workshop:

"I touched the millipede and it felt strange."

 "I loved the cockroach because it was weird."

 "I found it scary! I touched all the animals."

 "It was fun, interesting and weird. I got over my fear of spiders."

 "I touched a snake!"

 "I enjoyed looking at all the animals and found out about more reasons to keep our world safe."


What did the children learn?

Climate change is a major threat to biodiversity. Many animals may not be able to react quickly enough to the changes in ocean temperatures, sea levels and the length of seasons so they could become extinct.

Planting trees can help because the trees will produce oxygen and remove carbon dioxide. Using public transport and walking to school also helps to reduce emissions.

The children learnt about global warming and effects on the environment if species become extinct. For example, if turtles become extinct it will affect the food chain and contribute to global warming.
How? Turtles eat jelly fish, so the numbers of jelly fish will increase. More jelly fish will mean that the plankton which they feed on will decrease. Plankton absorb CO2, so more CO2 means that the planet will get hotter. The ice caps are slowly melting which causes flooding. We are seeing lots of changes in the world already!






Switch off FortnightIn November we designed posters for a competition to encourage us to switch off our lights for Switch off Fortnight. We had lots of entries and the winners were announced in assembly. Their posters are displayed around school to encourage us to switch off lights when we leave the room.




Let's Grow
We counted the Morrison's 'Let's Grow' vouchers at Eco Club. The Eco Team met with the school gardener and used the catalogues to decide how to spend the vouchers for resources for the allotment.



Some of the Eco Team and Eco Leaders informed the children in our school assembly about recycling batteries, recycling rubbish and using the composting bins.