Eco club


The Eco-Team meet on Wednesdays at 12 noon in the community room and is run by Mrs Hodgson.   Eco meetings are open to all children from Years 3 to 6.  Eco-Leaders are chosen each year who help Mrs Hodgson lead Eco initiatives in school and also plan activities for the other children to do during Eco-Club meetings.  Eco-Leaders also have responsibility for helping to look after the school including watering plants and feeding the fish.


Eco Team and Eco Leaders went on an eco-tour of the school with the caretaker, Mr Chambers. He took them on a trip around school to see how Eco friendly it is. The children took notes and asked lots of questions. They visited the sprinkler room and the boiler room which houses the heating and electric, looked at the solar panels on the roof and the grey water which is used for flushing the toilets.